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Colored Gemstone: Jewelry For Sale

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3.6ct Untreated Aquamarine, 8.6x13.5mm, cut by Alan Unangst. WOW What a knockout stone! Eye clean with slight inclusions under 10x.
Colored Gemstone
November 9, 2014
.97ct Clinohumite, untreated, not cloudy, lightly included, VIVID orange and bright, 7.01x5.32x4.20mm, Afghanistan
Colored Gemstone
November 8, 2014
.65 ct. 7x5mm Oval Cut This is a beautiful North Carolina Emerald from the Hiddenite area. We mine our specimens personally. 100% untreated. Please contact us for more photos/info. We will be glad to help. We specialize in untreated gems.
Colored Gemstone
November 5, 2014
.95 ct. 7x5mm Oval Cut Mined by us personally. This is a beautiful North Carolina Black Sapphire! Please contact us for any additional info/photos. This gemstone is UNTREATED in any way.
Colored Gemstone
November 5, 2014
Reduced for quicker sale! Pretty pretty peridot. This is a beautiful square cushion olive green peridot. 7.6mm, 2.56 carats. I love it cause it is not crazy apple green. Love those, too! But snapped this up because the color was an amazing subdued green that retained an awesome sparkle. This stone really shines. Bad lighting today, but tried to capture its lovely personality. This is a private sale and all sales final. I am happy to pick up the domestic shipping charges (insured and signed on delivery).
Colored Gemstone
October 30, 2014
I bought this stone during Gary's last sale rather impulsively and decided that I don't need it. I'm selling it for what I paid. Includes AGL Sapphire Brief stating that there is "No gemological evidence of heat". Will include shipping and insurance. US buyers only. Final sale, no returns. Buyer pays PayPal fees. You can contact me at sortmon@gmail since I've heard LT messaging can be rather unreliable. Thank you for looking!
Colored Gemstone
October 14, 2014
12.31ct Mint Green Beryl, Brazil, Flawless, Custom Oval by Matt Dunkle for SelectGem. 14.16x17.88mm, Untreated. This would make a spectacular pendant. Add some white diamonds or white sapphires to enhance the mint green and voila! Masterpiece! $85.00 per carat x 12.31 = $1046.35 so we'll call it $1045 with Free shipping!
Colored Gemstone
October 9, 2014
This tourmaline is very unique, it looks a lot like a fine aquamarine in person. It was cut by Gene from Precision Gem and has tons of brilliance. You don't get this kind of flash in the more saturated colors of tourmaline. In person it is more of a blue color with a touch of green. It does not black out under any lighting and has an open c-axis. Price includes shipping anywhere in the US. Contact me for international shipping rates or with any questions.
Colored Gemstone
September 15, 2014
1 (ONE) Parcel Pale Blue/white topaz. 300 cts, 112 pieces, nice cutting, good polish, clean, mixed shapes and sizes. $750.00 = $2.50 per ct
Colored Gemstone
September 11, 2014
Stone: Imperial garnet Weight: 2.24 cts Clarity: VVS2 Dimensions: 7.85x 7.81x 5.06mm Design: Diamond Descent- Teratai Bloom Origin: Tunduru, Tanzania Treatment: None Cut by: Alina D. Notes: Imperial garnet faceted into a beautiful round design. Has excellent brilliance with that stunning color shift from a pinkish purple (daylight bulb) to slight pinkish peach (fluorescent). link to the video:
Colored Gemstone
September 7, 2014
Stone: Aquamarine Weight: 2.43 cts Clarity: VS Dimensions: 10.64 x8.85x 5.74mm Design: Vincalis the Agitator Origin: Zambia Treatment: Assume low heat Cut by: Alina D. Notes: This stone is a light blue aquamarine with excellent brilliance. There small inclusion on the girdle of the stone. It does not affect the brilliance of the stone. This stone's tone is a light to light medium with wonderful brilliance. Link to the video:
Colored Gemstone
August 27, 2014
8.23ct Green Beryl custom oval by Christiane Morin, Brazil, untreated, eye clean, 15.99x12.67x8.51mm
Colored Gemstone
August 25, 2014
1.80ct Untreated Brazilian Topaz, flawless, 9.91x6.80x4.23mm
Colored Gemstone
August 5, 2014
Cleaning out my jewelry box. This is a 6.3mm 1.47 ct Jeff White heated blue sapphire. Gorgeous velvety color. Someone needs to love this stone. The sale is for the stone only, not the setting pictured. I'll pay shipping. Buyer pays PP fees.
Colored Gemstone
July 31, 2014
1.90ct Tanzanian Color Shift Spinel (Purplish to Pinkish), 6.50x8.58mm, untreated, precision cut oval by Ryan Quantz for Select Gem. Eye clean with slight sleepyness, no extinction! Marvelous gem!
Colored Gemstone
July 16, 2014
Stone: Blue Zircon Weight: 6.23 cts. Clarity: VVS Dimensions: 11.39 x 8.94 x 6.75mm Design: Barion oval Origin: Cambodia Treatment: Heated Cut by: John B. Notes: This is a beautiful blue zircon. The color is vibrant and the tone is medium. Link for video:
Colored Gemstone
July 11, 2014
Stone: Spessertite garnet Weight: 3.74 cts Clarity: VVS-VS Dimensions: 9.33x 6.74x 5.88mm Design: Britem (modified barion emerald) Origin: Nigeria Treatment: None Cut by: Alina D. Notes: Nice red orange spessertite garnet. The brilliance is off the charts thanks to a wonderful design. This stone has the light return of a round brilliant fit into an emerald shape. A great stone with a great price. There is some small inclusions difficult to see by the unaided eye but they do not detract from the brilliance or the beauty of this gemstone. The color is strong and vibrant with a medium tone. Video:
Colored Gemstone
July 11, 2014
These are lovely little labradorite cabs that have a beautiful schiller effect that glows a greenish blue. They were cut in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The large is 16mm and is $80, the small are 13mm and are $45/pc or $80 for the pair.
Colored Gemstone
July 7, 2014
This is stone was cut in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. I am not always a fan of the fantasy cuts because they can be a bit too much, but something about the unusual way it refracted the light combined with the smoky colour that gives it a very cool, mysterious air. It is cut so that all the facets radiate out from the centre. The tourmaline is a very neutral smoky gray, but I find myself seeing a lot of different colours pull out of it depending on what it is next too. It is a very unusual beauty. The stone is 2.53ct, 9 x 5.4mm.
Colored Gemstone
July 6, 2014
I purchased this Mahenge spinel several years ago from Prima Gems and never got around to setting it. Listing it to help fund a new project. 1.18 carat pear, measuring 7.7mm x 5.6mm. Very nice old material that just glows! Also, has strong red fluorescence and maintains its color. Free shipping within the continental US. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, as this is a final sale.
Colored Gemstone
July 2, 2014