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Current Listings

I'm listing my never-set red spinels that are GIA certified as untreated and from Myanmar. I bought these from an overseas dealer that specializes in gemstones from Myanmar. These spinels are a great match as a pair and are nice sizes at 1.84ct and 1.93ct. Both spinels are eye clean; color is a nice red that has hints of purple in certain lighting. The first two pics here are taken under indoor diffuse light and third pic is taken outside under direct full CA sun. Fourth pic is taken under UV light to show fluorescence. Included in the sale are both spinels, the GIA report, a report from a Burmese lab stating Mansin origin, and free shipping within the USA. My asking price is lower than what I paid summer of 2021! Kinda hesitant to let these go but I don't see myself setting them any time soon and I've got other projects lined up. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I'd be more than happy to send additional pictures and videos!
Loose Stones
December 27, 2022
Hi! I'm clearing out some gems that have been sitting in my gem box to make room for other projects. Please reach out if you are interested in any of these gems and would like more info/pictures! All of the stones were purchased directly from the source (mostly via IG) and my asking prices are about 30-50% below what I paid! 1) 1.58ct unheated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka (8x6.27x3.90mm) - $400. Sparkly pear shaped sapphire in a nice cornflower blue. The sapphire has a native cut (slightly asymmetrical with a small window). Comes with a report from Ceylon Gem Lab stating that the stone is unheated and from Sri Lanka 2) SOLD 0.97ct red Burmese spinel (5.88x5.47x3.51mm) - $150. Another native cut stone with a small window, but the color is a really nice and bright red with strong fluorescence. Eye clean and comes with lab report from Myanmar stating no treatment and Burmese origin. 3) SOLD - 1.46ct tsavorite (~6.5x5.5x4mm) -$200. Very pretty and sparkly stone - nice green color that's not too dark or light. Have some inclusions and surface scratches that aren't noticeable IRL 4) SOLD - 2.51ct orangey red Burmese spinel (8.48x7.73x5.1mm) - $250. have a couple of non-surface reaching fissures. nice sized stone with pretty color (especially under the sun). Comes comes with lab report from Myanmar stating no treatment and Burmese origin. 5) 3ct orangey pink Vietnamese spinel (~7.5x6.5x6.5mm) - $200. This is an interesting spinel with mauve color indoors and a pad-like color in sunlight with nice fluorescence. Very sparkly stone with a deeper cut. Eye clean. 6) 1.47ct deep red Burmese spinel pair (5.9x4.8mm) - $75. Emerald-cut Burgundy spinels with nice flashes of red color. Eye clean and comes with lab report from Myanmar stating no treatment and Burmese origin.
Colored Gemstone
May 16, 2023
Hi jewelry lovers! I got some beautiful Tahitian circle pearl jewelry I made with Takahashi about a year ago that I just don’t reach for. Hoping to find good homes for them. Yy and I selected these pearls from a large lot for best color and luster. These pearls are all in the 11mm bracket. The pearl studs are mismatched in color but still works well as a pair, imo; earrings are set with sterling silver posts. Asking $200, which includes priority shipping within the US. The rolling style necklace is made in 18k yellow gold. The necklace is extendable, with a max length of 18 inches. I’ve included takahashi’s pic of the pearl used for the necklace. Asking $250, which includes priority shipping within the US. Please feel free to message me with any questions or requests for more pictures. Thank you for looking!
January 23, 2024
2ct Moissanite solitaire ring that I purchased from DovEggs a couple of years ago. Ring is in platinum plated silver and is a size 5.5. It’s this ring here I’ve only tried the ring on a few times so it’s in like new condition. Will come with a ring box. Message me with any questions! Thanks for your interest!
Lab-Created Center
January 28, 2024
Hello! For sale is an absolutely gorgeous pair of GEM quality akoya studs in the 8.5-9mm size. I got these from a very special lot of akoya that Andrew Moline acquired a couple of years ago ( These to me are top quality in terms of luster, gloss, and surface quality; plus, they are a really nice size too! My understanding is that akoya pearls in this size and quality are quite difficult to come by nowadays. These are set in 18k yellow gold and worn lovingly and sparingly over the last couple of years. No damages that I can see, even under a loupe. Selling only because I just got a pair of WSS studs and my pearl collection has gotten a bit out of control! I’ve priced these at quite a bit below what I paid a couple years ago. Moline also has similar pearls for $3450 (+ $200 for setting!) on his website currently. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for additional pictures! Buyer pays for their choice of shipping. I prefer to ship only within the US. Pearls will come with their original box and storage bag. Thanks for your interest!
April 18, 2024

Completed Listings

For sale are three parcels of round spinel melee I bought a couple of years ago. The first box contains 52 pieces of 1.8mm, neon red (sold to me as Jedi) spinels totaling 1.52cts. The second box contains 100 pieces of 1.7mm red/pink spinels arranged in an ombre pattern (20 pieces of each color), totaling ~2.5cts. The third is a baggie of 96 pieces of 1.8mm silver-grey spinels, totaling 3cts. Asking $150 for the neon red box, $150 for the ombre box, and $75 for the silver-grays + shipping. Please contact me with any questions! :) Edit: red spinel melee sold!
Colored Gemstone
June 24, 2022
This is a ring I made at Starsgems a few years ago but never wear (I much prefer colored gemstones). Ring is in excellent condition with minimum wear. Starsgem did a great job with the antique cushion cut and the chunky facets are just beautiful. Please see CAD for ring specs. Paid $650 originally, asking $400. Please contact me for more pics or if you have any questions! :) Edit: side stones are all E/F colored lab diamonds!
Lab-Created Center
June 24, 2022
For sale is a pair of stunning 9.7mm Akoya pearl earrings with PSL certificate - originally from Andrew Moline, who sources high-end pearls. I bought these a couple of months ago from a PS'er who got them from Yssie. I've only worn these a handful of times and they are in great condition. Selling them only because I have another gem Akoya pair from MolinePDG that I wear more. These pearls are white with pink/green overtones and are currently set in 14kt yellow gold. It's hard to capture the luster and iridescence with my old phone so please check out the link below that goes to the original PS thread on these pearls. One of the pearls has a faint half-ring scratch around the drill hole that does NOT pose as a durability risk. It is also completely covered by the 6mm ring cup it's currently set it. You can find Yssie's assessments on these pearls here: Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I'd be more than happy to send additional pictures and provide more info on these pearls!
October 2, 2022
Hi friends! I am continuing to unload some of my unset gemstones and today I have a 1.7ct unheated Vietnamese sapphire that has a delicate milky, peachy color. The sapphire has a lot of small inclusions/silk that gives it an “opalescent” look. It has a nice glowiness in sunlight due to the inclusions and fluorescence. The sapphire is almost round at 6.84x6.61x4.46mm. In the 3rd-5th pictures, the sapphire for sale is the middle stone. You can find some videos of the sapphire here: Bought for ~$400 a couple of years ago from an overseas vendor. Asking $300, which includes shipping in the USA. Please reach out with questions and additional picture requests. Thank you!
Colored Gemstone
May 24, 2023
Hi all! I was curious about Edison pearls last year and ordered these from Kongs Pearl since I’ve heard good things about them. These pearls were described as white with green and gold overtones up (I agree) with metallic mirror luster. Pearls are high-button shaped (which makes them easier to wear) with some surface blemishes that are not noticeable when worn. These pearls are set in thin silver posts and could benefit from resetting with sturdier posts, but they are totally wearable as is. They would be perfect for someone who wants large, white, lustrous pearl studs without going down the WSS pearl route. Paid ~$180 for these last year. Worn out once. Asking $125, which includes shipping within the US. Please message me with any questions! Thanks for looking!
January 23, 2024