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Current Listings

This is one of the original AVC prototype stones. It measures 8.8x8mm, is 3ct equivalent, and is set east/west in a 14k Stuller setting. Ring size is 9.5. It's pretty and gets nothing but compliments, but I'm ready for something new - I'm sure you can all relate! I'm a private seller, so all sales are final.
March 11, 2020

Completed Listings

Five stone diamond ring, size 9.5. I bought this from an estate jeweler and I can see open culets, tall crowns and large facets, so I think these are OECs. They face up white and are (in my opinion) eye clean. They came without certs or measurements. I held the middle stone up next to a .5 carat stud and a .25 carat stud, and it's between those two sizes. I am a private seller, so all sales are final.
March 11, 2020
I bought this from another LT member in 2018 and it has been tucked away all this time - it’s ready for someone to mount it and wear it! 2.94ct, 9x7.3x5.8 mm It’s not too dark, and it’s hard to photograph the color - the photo on my hand looks closest on my screen. Ships USPs Priority Mail, private seller, all sales are final.
Colored Gemstone
January 15, 2021
I bought this from LT intending to set a loose stone in it and never did. It will need work on the prongs. Size 8, YG with platinum head based on the stamps. PP F&F, all sales final as I’m a private seller.
January 28, 2021