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Cute earrings, flowy design. Picked them up a few years ago at an arts & crafts fair. Free shipping, the sale is final. Thanks for looking! ***EXTRA VIDEO LINKS, RING IN VIDEO NOT FOR SALE***
January 6, 2013
I had been looking around for a cool setting for a trillion when I came upon this design from an Etsy artist. I think it's very modern and cool, but the vendor chipped my stone when setting it and didn't let me know (or respond to my message about it). That kind of ruined the experience for me, so I never wore it. But the lavender-pink spinel is still very sparkly, and the setting very neat. Perhaps it could go to a more loving home for a fraction of the price I paid. I'll include a picture of the chip. The stone is about a 7mm triangle. The ring size is 5.75. Free shipping and sale is final. Thanks for looking!
Colored Stone Center
January 7, 2013
EFFY Aquamarine and diamond ring, size 7. The setting is 18k white gold. The aquamarine is approximately 3 carats, measuring 11x9mm. Please note, only the aquamarine ring is for sale in this listing. The other rings in the last photo are for demonstration purposes only. Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have!
Colored Stone Center
September 19, 2021
Beautiful 3.5ct sapphire, GIA certed heat-only, 10x8mm. Nicely cut stone. The color is a lighter blue, not too dark. The setting has about 1ct of diamonds, white and clean stones. The ring has an arthritic shank and is size 4.25. It cannot be sized with this shank, but the shank can be replaced. Please note, only the diamond halo sapphire ring is for sale in this listing. The rings in the last photo are for demonstration purposes. (The aquamarine ring and blue zircon ring are available, the smaller sapphire and the opal ring are not). Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to message with any questions you might have!
Colored Stone Center
October 19, 2021

Completed Listings

I took this beautiful opal out of a vintage ring which was probably made in the 1950-70s. The opal is a vintage stone and has some crazing, though you don't see it unless you look for it. I tried to capture some of the crazing in the photos. The stone is huge, bold, and gorgeous. The play of color is amazing and visible from every angle. I think it would make an amazing pendant set in gold. The stone measures 24.75mm in length, 14.5mm in width, and 8.28 in depth. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and thanks for looking!
Colored Gemstone
May 13, 2013
Beautiful Old European Cut diamond, GIA graded L, VVS2. I'm selling this stone because I found another OEC to love, and it came with a handsome vintage setting I adore. Since I can't afford to have two OECs, I'm letting this one go. It's a gorgeous old stone, with beautiful symmetry and patterning. When I first came across this stone it was set in an original vintage setting (too fancy for me, I sold it) and had some minor abrasions. I sent the stone to get "cleaned-up" -- the tiny nick on the table polished out, and the abraded girdle polished. The stone went from being 1.78ct to 1.75ct in the process. Besides this minor polishing, the diamond is a vintage stone with no other alterations. Here are the GIA stats: GIA Report: 1152445739 Old European Brilliant 7.51 - 7.65 x 4.83 mm Carat Weight: 1.75 carat Color: L Clarity: VVS2 Total Depth: 63.7% Table Size: 47% Girdle: Thin to Slightly Thick, Faceted Culet: Large Polish: Good Symmetry: Good Fluorescence: None I can provide more photos and a video upon request, feel free to message me with any questions. I realize this is a large and important purchase, so I will allow a 3-day inspection and return policy. I am a private seller, but I'm offering a return policy because I know I always like to have one. If you decide to return, I will ask that you ship the stone back to me via USPS overnight, fully insured, at your own cost. If you would like to see extra photos of the diamond, you can check out my old listing, when it was still set as a ring: Thanks for looking! ~ GemFever
May 16, 2013
Pretty OEC, GIA certified. The stone is bright, lively and has nice chunky faceting. It faces up white in most light situations, though sometimes gets a touch of creamy color in the late afternoon or if the environment has beige tones. A GIA K is a great balance -- a mostly white stone that still has the soft warmth of an old cut. The diamond is currently set in a vintage ring (also listed on LT: ), but at the moment I'm willing to separate the setting & wedding band from the diamond. It will probably take me a day or so to take it to a jeweler and get the stone unset. The stats of the OEC: GIA report number: 2155445792 1.54ct 7.01 - 7.32 x 4.48 mm color: K clarity: Si2 table: 47% depth: 62.5% You may see that GIA classified this stone as a round brilliant (and accordingly gave it a "fair" cut), but it's definitely a vintage old cut -- it just didn't fit into GIA's very tight frame for an OEC classification. Check out my videos (set resolution to highest possible to see the detail): Feel free to ask any questions. I have a ton of additional photos, convo me and I'd be happy to send them to you. Please note, ***this will be a final sale*** I love return policies and usually offer one, but I can't do it if I take the stone out of the setting (but if you buy the whole set, I can offer a several day inspection/return policy). I accept Paypal and personal check (if you'd like to work with me on avoiding the 3% Paypal fee, you could have a 3% discount on the diamond :o).
July 27, 2013
Nine stones, each about 3mm square. These stones came out of a vintage ring and have been polished to take out microscopic abrasions. They are clean, white, and spiffy :) I also have a 10th stone, but it ended up not being polished, poor thing, so it still has some abrasions (that's why I'm not listing it with the parcel of 9 stones). The nine stones weigh 1.475cts total. The first three photos are of the exact parcel for sale. The fourth photo was taken earlier when my own personal parcel may have been mixed in, but I'm adding it because it shows the profiles of the stones. The last pic is a diagram of this kind of french cut. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have, and thanks for looking!
July 29, 2013
Lovely vintage setting. I bought it from the original owner's nephew, the two rings have been together for over 70 years. Both are engraved with the original couple's initials, the wedding band also has the wedding date (11.25.1937). The stone in the setting measured around 7mmx7.3mm. Originally the setting had fishtail prongs, but they were very worn down and the jeweler changed them to the prongs you see in the photos. I think it makes the center stone even more prominent. If you'd like to see how this set looked with a diamond, here is the listing I had for it: I will ship for free via regular USPS insured (overnight shipping will cost an extra $20). I'll also allow a three day inspection and return period, provided the set is not altered in any way. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking!
August 6, 2013
Stunning vintage setting. I bought the ring for the center diamond, and since I wear a much simpler style, the vintage setting is up for sale to rebuild the hefty hole in my budget. Here's a detailed description from the appraisal: "This Edwardian ring features an old European cut diamond [not for sale] in a four prong setting. The remainder of the domed top of the ring is encrusted with seventy, pave set old European and single cut diamonds accented with milgrain detailing." The ring is size 5. It held a stone that's approximately 8.3-8.5mm, 2.5cts. The metal is not stamped, but I did the scratch & acid test and it tests for platinum (I ran the test twice, on the back of the shank and on the prongs). When I checked for fluorescence, I discovered that two of the biggest accent diamonds in the setting have strong blue fluor. They are set symmetrically, so I wonder if the jeweler who made this ring did it intentionally. I think it's pretty cool ;-) Check out my video [for best results, set resolution to 1440HD and open full screen]: I'm asking $2500 or Best Offer. I will allow a 3-day inspection and return period (provided you don't set anything), but buyer pays return shipping *with full insurance*. I won't be responsible if the return package gets lost in the mail, so please protect yourself. Thanks for looking! Message me with any questions you might have, and for additional pics. I took a ton before the OEC was unset.
November 20, 2013
The diamond in this ring is one of the most beautifully cut stones I've ever seen. The Old European Cut (OEC) pattern is as perfect as it gets. It is bright, fiery, and mesmerizing. The stone has a certificate from GIA (cert # 2155663201). The stone is 8.50-8.44x5.63mm, VS2 clarity, and S-T color. The platinum bezel helps to soften and hide some of the warm color of the stone. The diamond is a real chameleon, ranging from soft vanilla to creamy beige, to silvery white. It has faint fluorescence and in some light conditions looks almost blue (in strong sunlight or certain kinds of spotlight like in the first video). I had the setting made by Brian Gavin Designs a short while ago. It's platinum and has a nice weight to it. The bezel protects the stone and is super comfortable on the finger. The milgrain on the inner edge of the bezel ties in the antique stone with the modern look of the bezel. The setting is fully sizable. For the vids, I recommend turning off the sound, switching to highest resolution, and making them full screen to see all the detail. ***Important shipping info*** I will only ship within the U.S. via USPS Registered Mail. This is the only way I can insure the package for the full value, but this shipping method is slow. There is no way around this. I allow returns, and in case of return you must also ship the ring back fully insured (so it may take up to 10 business days to travel one way). Please keep this in mind when considering the ring. Note on the price -- I'd be willing to accept $10,000 for the ring if you pay by check (helping me to avoid the Paypal fees). Thanks for looking, and please feel free to message me with any questions you might have!
Natural Diamond Center
December 15, 2013
This classic setting would be perfect for a stone that is approximately 6-6.3mm (if a diamond, about 1 carat). The setting is vintage but in great shape, the metal is not worn away and it has the nice heaviness of platinum (it weighs 4.5 grams). There is some light wear, but it can easily be buffed out by a jeweler. The baguette diamonds are approximately 5mm in length. The ring is size 5 and easily sizable. Please note that only the mounting is for sale in this listing. The plum spinel featured in the last photo is a loose gemstone I placed in the setting for demonstration purposes, it is not included in the listing. Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have.
April 22, 2015
Fantastic pair of Old Mine Cut diamonds, perfect for earrings. These stones are true antiques, and beautifully cut -- lively and full of fire, with the pillowy crowns that are so prized in antique cuts. One of the stones weighs .695 carats, the other is .685 carats, for a total carat weight of 1.38 carats. I would conservatively estimate the color to be in the J-K range and SI1-2 clarity. The .685ct stone has two small inclusions under the table, they are barely visible to the naked eye (you can see them in the first photo). It also has some abrasions around the girdle. The .695ct stone is cleaner. The stones are extremely well matched in diameter, each one is about 5.1mm. This listing is for the loose pair of stones. If you would like them set in 14k yellow gold stud earring settings as seen in the last photo, message me for a quote.
April 25, 2015
Absolutely stunning vintage diamond ring, featuring a GIA-certified 1.84 carat Old European Cut diamond (U-V color, VS2 clarity). The center diamond is very warm in color, facing up from a lovely golden beige to a lacy-white depending on the lighting. A unique stone with lots of character and a classic Old European faceting pattern -- tiny table (42%), tall crown, open culet. This diamond is a fireball and lively and bright from edge to edge. The GIA stats for the diamond are as follows: Report # 1172246611 (you can look up the report using this number on GIA's website at Measurements ..... 7.41 - 7.62 x 5.04 mm Color Grade ...... U to V Range Clarity Grade .... VS2 Table ............ 42% Depth ............ 67% Girdle ........... medium to very thick Culet ............ very large Polish ........... Very Good Symmetry ......... Fair Fluorescence ..... None The diamond is set in a classic platinum setting with tapered baguette diamond side stones. The ring is size 5 and resizeable within a few sizes up and down. Please note the diamond is currently not fully set in the setting (the stone is lightly held by the prongs) in case the stone stone sells loose without the setting (message me for pricing). If you buy the ring, I will take it to my jeweler to have it set professionally. I have more photos of the diamond loose and of the ring in various lighting conditions. Please message me for additional photos. *** Note: This listing is for the 1.84ct diamond ring only, the wedding band shown in the last photo is not a part of this listing. ***
Natural Diamond Center
August 29, 2015
This stunning antique Old Mine Cut diamond cluster ring features an awesome elongated cushion diamond at the center, surrounded by a halo of eight sparkly diamonds. The cushion is approximately 40-45 points (.40-.45 carats) and is big enough to see the individual facets reflect light and throw fiery flashes (the most fun thing about diamonds, for me!). The center diamond measures approximately 5x4mm. I would estimate it to be H-I color and SI-1 clarity (it has a small black carbon inclusion that I can see with my loupe. I would say it is eye clean. The inclusion does not impact the sparkle of the stone at all). The eight smaller diamonds are approximately 2.5mm each, and all around the H-I color range and VS2-SI1 clarity range. I would estimate the smaller stones to be around 7 points (.07ct) each, and the estimated total carat weight of the ring is around 1 carat. There are no noticeable chips or damage to the diamonds. The setting is beautiful 18 karat yellow gold. I believe the prongs have been retipped at some point by a previous owner, making the stones very secure (and saving the next owner quite a bit of money on repairs, because retipping this number of prongs can be costly). The ring is size 5 and sizable (it seems to have been resized in the past). Overall the ring is in excellent condition and good to wear for many years to come. And the sparkle factor of this diamond cluster ring is fantastic. :) Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have.
Natural Diamond Center
September 20, 2015
Lovely and super bright 1.01ct Old European Cut diamond set in a classic 6-prong solitaire, 14k yellow gold, ring size 4.5. The diamond has a GIA lab certificate (2135753378). The diamond is 1.01 carats, J color and SI1 clarity (eye-clean, no black carbon inclusions). The OEC has a classic small table (43%) and gorgeous faceting. This stone is bright and fiery. The setting is pre-owned, in good condition. Currently ring size 4.5 but could easily be resized by your jeweler. Hallmarked "14k." Free shipping within the US, for international shipping please convo me for a quote. Thank you for checking out my listing and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have.
Natural Diamond Center
November 15, 2016
Beautiful, fiery vintage diamond, 1.89 carats, GIA certified VS2 clarity, S-T color (cert # 1182135357). It faces up a lovely golden hue, very bright. Please note this setting is for a loose diamond only. The setting into the photos is only to show what it looks like on the finger. I could sell the setting with the diamond, it would cost an additional $1100 (it's a gorgeous vintage 18k yellow gold setting with diamond accents, not original to this diamond but can hold this stone, size 4.5). You can check out my ebay listing for larger photo resolution and additional pics, Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have. I can be reached at
February 7, 2017
Lovely 2.22 GIA Certed Old European cut diamond, K VS2, set in an 18k white gold basic solitaire. Very white facing and prismatic stone. Ring size 5 and can be resized. The GIA report number is 2185135360. Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you might have -
Natural Diamond Center
April 28, 2017
This ring came together from a vintage setting and vintage Old cut diamond, and I believe the final result is perfection! The rich color of 18k yellow gold plays up the warm color of the diamond to create a look of sparkling liquid gold. A unique and stunning ring. The center diamond is a 1.89 carat stone, GIA lab graded S-T color and VS2 clarity (GIA report # 1182135357) with a 50% table and 63.3% depth. It measures 7.60 - 7.96 x 4.93mm (slightly elongated and cushiony). The setting is 18k yellow gold with platinum prongs. The setting originally held a smaller stone (an opal), I sent it to a master jeweler to rebuild the prongs and set the diamond. The setting is set with glittery white diamond accents, two bigger ones on each side (approximately 2mm) and five smaller ones right next to the center stone. The ring is size 4.5 and could be sized a little up or down, but not significantly due to the shoulders of the ring. Videos can be found on youtube: Free shipping in the US (contact for international shipping), and a 3-day return policy (buyer pays insured return shipping). Thanks for checking out my listing! This ring is also available on Etsy:
Natural Diamond Center
July 2, 2017
I handpicked this chrysoberyl out of a parcel from Prima Gems back in 2012. It has an awesome neon-yellow color. The stone is over two carats (2.4 if memory serves me right) and 7x8mm. The setting was made by DanielM on Etsy in 2012. The bezel is 18k yellow gold, the band is sterling silver. Ring size 5.75 and sizable. **Only the chrysoberyl ring is for sale in this listing. The leaf brooch is not for sale.** I accept PayPal and will ship within the US for free (for shipping outside the US, please message me). Thanks for checking out my listing! - Anya
Colored Stone Center
October 27, 2018