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16" White gold (10K) necklace with diamond melee, micro pavé and gorgeous white pearl. So feminine and beautiful! Art Nouveau style. In person it has a lot of sparkle. I accept PayPal Friends & Family as well as Zelle for payment.
Necklaces & Pendants
October 14, 2019
Originally purchased from Mervis Diamonds in Wash. DC for approx. $1600 in the year 2000. Ring size 4.25. I was told the diamonds were F/G color. I don't have paperwork for this ring. I wore it for a few years so it has some minor wear but is in very good condition. I don't know the total carat weight but the band and diamonds feel much more substantial to me than many bands I've tried on in stores today. I love this band and am very happily married (no bad Juju!). I'm selling it because I'm upgrading to a larger 5 stone ring. Videos showing how well it sparkles on YouTube: and Payment by Zelle and Paypal only. ***Email me at please *** More often then not the messaging system through LoupeTroop doesn't work!!!****If you have already messaged me and haven't heard back from me it means I didn't get your message, so email me again please!!!!!!****
October 25, 2019
REDUCED! Sparkly, feminine necklace! Purchased at Saks 5th Ave. 18" 14K white gold chain. The diamond measures 5 MM+ across before it meets the edge of the bezel. I do not know the carat weight, but I estimate it at .5 ct based on its 5MM+ diameter plus the fact that when I hold it up next to one of my stud earrings which I know to be .51 ct, it looks exactly the same size. I estimate the color to be H based on it appearing the same color as my earring which is certified as H. I do not know the clarity. The diamond sparkles and looks clear without the loupe but with the loupe I can see small pinpoints, a small black spot at 6 o'clock and also a small hazy cloud also at 6 o'clock. The bezel setting measures 7 MM across. The pendant is floating -- it can move back and forth around the chain. The chain is solid and substantial, not flimsy and light like one's I've felt from Blue Nile (sorry, I'm not picking on Blue Nile, just that I have friends with chains from BN and my chain is far more substantial.) Video: Buyer pays shipping (FedEx ground, insured, is approx $20 to most US states.) PLEASE contact at as messages sent through Loupe Troop often get lost. I answer ALL messages, so if you don't hear back from me, PLEASE EMAIL again and also send a note through Loupe Troop as backup! Thank you!
October 28, 2019
Original 1920's Art Deco Ring. Size 4.25, Black Onyx center stone, Marcasite around the edges, Silver setting with cute little daisies as prongs. Ring measure 14 mm square. Buyer pays shipping. I cannot accept returns. ***Contact me at please as Loupe Troop's messaging system can be spotty
October 30, 2019
Imperial Topaz & Diamond 14K Gold Ring. The topaz really sparkles and it is a lovely lemony yellow in real life (photos show it more champagne colored but video shows very accurate color.). Topaz measures 10mm x 16mm x 6mm. A teensy tiny diamond flanks either side of Topaz. The setting and band have some areas where they are getting thin from wear. The topaz is immaculate and has no signs of wear. Size 6.5 (approx - this is a guess; inside diameter of band is 19 mm) Video: Contact me at (Loup Troop's message system is unreliable.) Buyer pays shipping. I cannot accept returns. Thank you!
October 30, 2019
For sale is this emerald and diamond melee ring in 14K yellow gold, size 4.75 (sizable), $99 plus shipping. (USA only, sorry no returns) It has a lovely presence on the hand, a lot of finger coverage, and sparkles nicely. When I've worn this ring to dinner parties, people always notice and compliment it. My local jeweler told me that both the emerald and the diamonds are natural. There is one tiny black inclusion visible with the naked eye in the emerald -- I can't see it when I'm wearing the ring, but I can just barely make it out when I'm holding it up10" from my eyes. With a loupe I can see many tiny black inclusions in the emerald. The band shows some wear and is a little thin at the bottom, but very wearable. I do not know the carat weight of the emerald, and I do not own calipers, but when I hold it up next to a ruler, it looks to measure 7 mm x 5.5 mm (oval shape). Contact (Please contact me directly through my gmail account -- messages sent through Loupe Troop often don't come through!) Video:
Colored Stone Center
May 21, 2020
For sale is this original 1930's Diamond Melee Watch by Hamilton. It is 14K white gold. VERY BLINGY! The band is approximately 6 1/2 inches in circumference. $499 plus shipping (USA only please!) It is manual wind and it runs. However, it looses about 5 minutes per 24 hour period. You can wear this as a watch, or, I've seen these repurposed into bracelets by inserting a jewel into the watch face. This would make a very blingy bracelet! Contact:
May 22, 2020