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Current Listings

r.e.laundy at gmail . com
April 28, 2021
2mm wide, platinum (hallmarked) single cut eternity. Beautiful sparkle to the single cuts. I am ArielleB on Pricescope. You can contact me here:
June 7, 2021
Yellow gold hoops. I think two pair are 14kt, but will conservatively say 9kt. I am just not a hoop-wearing girl, even though I clearly wanted to be! -20cm sleepers, 9kt $60 -10cm sleepers, 9kt $40 -10cm click-shut hoops, 9kt $80. I had a number of dangles made for these. Also a pair of love knot studs, 9kt, 8cm wide $40 (no backs)
June 7, 2021
Hello! Here is my LT. But if it doesn't work, here are more contact details: r.e. laundy at gmail
April 8, 2022
I'm listing this perfect earth-grown AVC: 1.43 G SI1. The ring is available in a low profile bezel, size 7. It can also be put back in the jbeg Julia setting (pictured). Earth-grown AVCs are super hard to find these days. I am ArielleB on Pricescope.