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Firstly, HIGH RES. PHOTOS AND VIDEO ALSO AVAILABLE ON MY ETSY SHOP. Link: 1.03ct natural (standard heat treatment only) Mozambique ruby of 5.32 x 5.77 mm facing up. The cut is good - not too shallow - with VS clarity. There's one carbon-like inclusion in the middle but the colour sort of makes it hard to see. Less than ideal colour - way too dark in my opinion, also with a purplish tint - but it is hard to find 1+ct natural ruby in this price. I guess this piece is really price for the size. Certified Chanthaburi lab just to make sure it indeed is heat-treated only. Roughly listing it for USD$300/ct (for a carat natural ruby!) price ... = approx. AUD$450.
Colored Gemstone
August 12, 2022
Listed here is a personal collection of mine I'm letting go... honestly this one hurts a lot but I get no wear out of it anymore, as I've moved on from this phase of my life. :') (I actually want to hoard this piece if I wasn't for studying at the moment!!) 1.11ct unheated Ceylonese heart-cut pad sapphire that definitely screams PAD!!! There's absolutely no debate about it being a padparadscha here. I'd say this is more orangish pink than a pinkish orange, but both colours are definitely visible. For info, this is the DR page I bought it from: You can see her images and videos here. 14k rose gold setting to bring it out, with 3 prongs and really minimal, but sturdy setting by Rutherford Jewellery (a local that's been around forever here). The chain is 42cm in length. The sapphire is 1.11cts with a nice, spready 7.04x5.52mm surface up; no window, and actually doesn't go dark even in the darkest of shades. I in fact prefer this to a lot of included/poorly cut diamonds out there; one of the nicest sapphires I've seen to date, truly. A few inclusions and carbon speckles but they don't really stick out very much. No notable external features that influence stability of the stone. (Chips, nicks, etc.) Certificate is Berberyn to confirm the lack of treatment - it will come with the stone itself. It is a smaller lab but this is what came with it when I purchased it from DR, but we all know she's a reputable seller. I actually paid more JUST for the stone, and the setting cost about a grand more on top of that. All sales final (price reflects this too!) and it is in USD + shipping through paypal F&F as this is my private sales. You can also see my credibility on the following sites: eBay - ID: bong213 Etsy - Instagram - @the.blings (you can see more photos of this necklace on my IG) Please email me at codus218[at]hotmail[dot]com for any other enquiries. Thank you, and have a good day!
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November 9, 2022

Completed Listings

1.63 ct antique OMC GIA Y-Z(brown) colour. The colour is very much champagne in real life. Currently set in 18k white gold, wire-wrap setting. I have a GAL certificate with me. 1.63 ct / 6.69-6.99 x 5.60 mm SI3 / Light brown in colour. 81.5% depth / 51% table / thin-med girdle / open cutlet. Good polish / Fair symmetry / Faint yellow fluorescence. Has just been repolished and sitting in a box. Selling due to returning to full time studies. Payment by Paypal friends & family. No returns or refunds, as I'm a private seller. Please email for enquiries. Also on ebay under the username bong213.
Necklaces & Pendants
May 8, 2016
Hi, this is the FINAL REDUCTION of the vintage platinum pink & white Argyle diamond ring for quick sales; the asking price is USD$1500 by Paypal, with shipping & insurance included! Listed here is a vintage pink champagne & white diamond ring. The pink champagne diamond is of approx. 0.17ct, and the white is approx. G/VS/0.15ct. It was sold to me as an Argyle diamond, but it was already set, so I cannot guarantee it 100%. Nevertheless, it is still a nice, untreated stone. The pink champagne was assessed as a GIA fancy light orangy pink/Argyle PC2. Metal is platinum 900. I originally purchased this ring thinking I'll just use the PC diamond but seeing it so beautifully put together - I may just resell this and get a loose diamond. Of course, if it doesn't sell soon, I'll then just use it myself. Quality is guaranteed. :) It is currently US size 5. I'm aware that LT often does not work - so please EMAIL me! (I'll probably respond quicker, too!) My email address is I also have 100% eBay seller rating as bong213. In fact, this ring is cross-listed on my eBay. Feel free to check out there for my reputation. Thanks for looking.
Natural Diamond Center
July 23, 2017
Purchased from Yvonne from Cecile Raley Designs a few years back. Now trying to move it to get some funds for further education; a very regrettable sale. Sapphire is perfect in colour, with perfect cutting to enhance its saturation and sparkles. It's been carefully inspected to ensure no chips/cracks after dismounting. It hasn't been worn much (again, regrettably) because I realised I don't really wear coloured stone much. But it used to be in a wire wrap setting as a necklace, and thus free from any knockings and such - in a very good condition. Price is USD $880. Shipping worldwide, but the shipping price and insurance is to be discussed and arranged. Please contact for more information and/or more/bigger photos. I also have a 100% eBay seller rating selling jewellery so please have a look @bong213
Colored Gemstone
August 12, 2018
Listing the natural fancy intense greenish yellow diamond necklace I purchased from Cecile Raley Designs a few years back. - The most wonderfully saturated and unusual colour on this diamond, being quite obviously greenish yellow. - The sparkle is quite good too, I think it was sold to me as a SI and I'd agree with it. - Sophisticated hexagon setting of CRD, in 18K white gold. The necklace is 40/42cm(PLEASE NOTE THIS!) in length. - The mini certificate proving the natural COLOURING of the diamond will come along with it. I just never use this one because I have a very busy life and I never change necklaces around. Also mostly focus on completing my studies in Physiology at this point, and letting go of my possessions trying to get my first place. Asking price is $550 USD, through Paypal F&F. Extra postage will be charged with tracking and insurance (sorry I do not really risk any jewellery shipping without insurances) depending on where you live. Sorry, no returns, and the price fully reflects this. However, you can see, I've had many successful sales on the PS previously without a single complaint. I also have eBay experiences selling jewellery in particular, with 100% seller ratings as bong213. Please note: the necklace will also cross-listed on eBay, so it may not be available if it sells there first. Please contact for any further inquiries or to purchase.
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September 4, 2018
Honestly this one hurts a bit to let go... 0.24ct 8PR heart cut Argyle pink diamond, P1 clarity, excellent cut however... Valued $6,220 as of 2017... Although it is pre-owned, with Argyle mine closing this year, this is likely valued same or above... Chain is very short, choker-length at 38cm. It is a THICK cable style chain found anywhere. It can probably be easily extended. Setting is handmade rose gold bezel, overall 18K. Certified, as well... I've attached certificate images. Worn gently, as a necklace only... for a couple of years. Asking price is $3800 AUD... roughly $2800 USD so I listed it as is. Open to negotiations. Also listed on eBay: If LT doesn't work my email is
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October 3, 2020
Firstly, I have a 100% positive feedback on eBay as ID bong213 This item is listed on Etsy, also. You can get better photos and video there. Link: The photos and video are not modified in any way - all by the window indoors, natural sunlight. Lastly, the price shown here is in USD. Final reduction price to clear. Because I am Australian, the AUD price is shown on Etsy. 0.46ct pure unheated heart cut ruby of pure red colour / SI clarity from Mozambique. I've never seen a colour like this in a natural ruby anywhere around Melbourne - only in synthetic ones. (The most accurate colour in real life is close to the 2nd photo, on my monitor at least.) Personally, I cannot say if it is the correct "pigeon's blood" colour because I've never seen that quality, but it is definitely a rich "traffic light" red, or cherry red - not dark, no pink modifiers. It does go a bit darker, moodier "blood red" indoors. Certified unheated/untreated by GLC Chanthaburi lab in Thailand where my usual dealer is. GIA or other better recognised labs would add extra $100~$300 as well as shipping time back and forth, and at just slightly under half a carat, I just wanted it to be certified for the lack of treatment & being a natural corundum - the colour literally speaks for itself... blazing red. I don't think it's worth the risk of shipping back and forth in the covid-19 times, especially with the recent delays and increase in missing parcels. It does have inclusions, but pretty good for rubies at SI clarity, without any chips or cracks reaching the surface. Totally stable. Setting is in a 18k yellow gold, millgrained bezel setting to accentuate the colour and the cut/colour. (I spent around $600 to set this!) Necklace length 40.5cm - choker length - faceted chain. It is set by Shop Poett of South Korea on personal request. I personally got it for myself but I just admire its beauty and never actually wore it - because I already have another necklace I wear on a daily basis, gifted to me ... so I have to wear that. It will be a super romantic gift to that person!
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January 2, 2022