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815 US NEW 0.4 carat VS1 Fancy Intense Yellow Lab grown diamond (6.31x3.70X2.38mm) 14k white gold with yellow gold prongs pendant setting (0.13 carat Natural Diamond Melee (1 mm each) - 26 pieces) In USD Overseas shipping exc IGI certified Contact me at Verified seller at
Necklaces & Pendants
September 26, 2021
6.6x6.63x4.04mm IGI certificate NEW Overseas shipping exc Verified seller at
September 26, 2021
0.39 caract Fancy Purpliah Pink diamond IGI certified 14k white gold rose gold prongs (0.18 carat) 1.5mm natural diamond melee (12 pieces) PHOTO: Left most, the other 2 have been sold VIDEO: 1st ring on top, bottom 2 other Fancy intense purple/pink are sold. NEW Verified seller at
September 26, 2021