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I travel to Colombia twice a year, just 2 hours outside Bogota is a 500 year old pueblito called Villa De Leyva near the Chivor and Muzo emerald mines I have a vacation house at ( the two finest in the world) I bought these directly at the mine which you can only do if you know someone. otherwise you have to buy them from the exchange on carrera septima in Bogota. Both are rectangular, one more so and is a baguette. They weigh .51 and .62, they are exceptionally clean little to no inclusions or carbon, just a hint of blue which is what makes Colombian emeralds the finest. The truly darker colored and clear increase exponentially. I was shown a 1 carat square that cost $5000.00 there. God knows what that would cost here. To be honest I pay less at the mine and these cost me right about half what I'm asking for them. If you buy both $500.00 even, otherwise 250.00 and 300.00. I can produce more pictures I took some with flash and some without just so you can see how clear these are. I will guarantee they are real and from the Muzo mine. Here in the states a half carat emerald of this caliber would wholesale around $400.00.
Colored Gemstone
January 15, 2021