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Current Listings

FYI, this moissanite has never been set! I used a ring stone holder to get a feel of how it looked. I just bought this from Starsgem a month ago and I don’t think I’ll be setting it. There is nothing wrong with this stone, but I find the size too big for the project I was thinking of and I realize prefer rounds and squares more than elongated shapes. This antique cushion cut (ACC)/old mine cut (OMC) is the elongated version with the skinny culet. Diamond equivalent weight is approximately 2.25 cts. I personally love the G/H color of this stone; it is white but not too white. FYI, this is not a custom cut but one of the stock cuts Starsgem had at hand to ship asap. Total cost I paid was $96, which includes shipping and PPGS fees. Asking $85 shipped via PayPal; includes USPS priority shipping and G/S fees. Sorry, continental US only for this one as it'd be too expensive to ship outside the lower 48 states. Email me directly at badetht ***at***yahoo dot com. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and thanks for looking!
March 18, 2023

Completed Listings

I literally just got this. I was going to use this as a birthday gift for my mother, but it turns out she wants something else. As for myself, I’d keep it (and I hesitate listing this) but I have too many colorless stones and would rather have an antique cut at the moment. I bought this moissanite from a reputable Chinese vendor. The color is listed as DEF (colorless) and it is 6.5mm, which is equivalent to a 1 carat round diamond. The cut for this moissanite is customized. I had asked for it to be a Hearts and Arrows cut, but it looks closer to a Round Brilliant/Belgium cut. Still, it looks much better than a Round Brilliant as it's very sparkly and fiery and doesn't have a dark center. This stone has never been mounted. It's perfect to set on a ring or a pendant. Asking price includes Paypal fees and priority mail shipping. Stone holder is NOT included. As I'm a private seller, there are no returns or refunds for this item. Best offers considered! Please let me know if you have any questions (email: badetht **at** yahoo(dot)com. I'd be happy to help; thank you for looking!
March 11, 2019
Bezel is from Stuller and 14K white gold. Moissanite is MRB. It was advertised as G/H in color but I think it’s more of a J/K color. I forgot how much I paid for this and the chain (which was separate and also 14K white gold). First and only owner. Serious inquiries, but please ask any questions! email: badetht **at** yahoo(dot)com. I'd be happy to help; thank you for looking!
Necklaces & Pendants
December 14, 2022
Selling my Ivy&Rose ring with a moissanite from Tianyu Gems. Moissanite is D/E colored MRB and at the time (2018?) cost about $98. Size is 6.6mm, equivalent to a little over 1 carat. I forgot how much I paid for the setting but it’s currently retailed at $349 on their website. Serious inquiries only; feel free to contact me with questions. I am a private seller so sale is final. Price includes shipping and is PayPal F&F. If you want to pay G&S, please add 2.99% in the fees. Email: badetht **at** yahoo(dot)com. I'd be happy to help; thank you for looking!
Lab-Created Center
January 19, 2023
Now motivated to sell since I have another project I want to pursue! Listed is my Distinctive Gem (formerly August Vintage) Round Brilliant Moissanite in a 18K yellow gold bezel ring. Size of the ring is 3.75 US. Stone size is equivalent to 1 carat (roughly 6.5 mm, give or take). This is quite possibly the most beautiful moissanite I've ever owned and the most diamond-like. Unfortunately I haven't worn this ring in almost 2 years after getting engaged and married. I treated it as a right hand ring before that. The setting is in 18K yellow gold and, aside from the normal wear and tear, is FLAWED. The jeweler/designer I bought it from used leftover gold to create this setting, but as you can see, the gold mixture was most likely porous, creating an uneven scroll design along the gallery. My local jeweler was able to refine the ring as best he could, but please keep in mind that the design isn't perfect. This design does not affect the structural integrity of this ring! Current price for this moissy is $500 on the Distinctive Gem website. Price is listed under Paypal F&F and includes shipping. If you wish to pay through G&S, please add 3%. As I am a private seller, all sales are final. Please email me at*** badetht at yahoo dot com ***if you have any questions. Thanks so much for looking.
Lab-Created Center
February 9, 2023