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Sri Lankan blue spinel cut by Dana Reynolds Medium dark blue 8.1 x 6.5mm Oval 2.005 carat Vs2 bubble inclusions (hard to see with just the eye) This is a great Blue Spinel. It is a nice stone, well-cut, nice blue color during the day shifting to violet at night (flourescent). Stone weighs a hair over 2ct, and measures 8.1x6.5. It is nearly eyeclean, just some tiny bubble inclusions, I can barely make them out. The reason i'm selling the stone is simply that I bought it hoping to expand my collection past buying just green stones. And it turns out that i'm just not that branchy of a person. I should have known better as the only unset items in my collection are the ones that aren't green! It's not fair to the stone to let it languish in my jewelry box unset when I know that many of you out there would give it a loving home and really enjoy it. It's a very lively and pretty stone with precision faceting which is rare and increasingly hard to find in this size. I was known as Redfaerythinker on PS for over 5 years until I joined the trade. As I am not a retailer, I consider all sales to be final.
Colored Gemstone
December 5, 2012