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Current Listings

I am selling this as a set. Neither the ring nor brooch has ever been worn. They are both done in solid sterling silver and have yellow and rose gold plating. The genuine rhodolites ad a nice splash of color. Together the set weighs over 18 grams. The ring is a size 6. Sorry, no returns.
December 13, 2018
I honestly think that brooches are the most under rated accessory there is. They are so versatile. Join me in bringing back the brooch. This brooch i am selling was puchased several years ago and then it was lost. To my surprise, it has been located. While it is a beauty, i am saving funds for a project... and well, you can’t keep everything. The brooch is made of solid 14k white gold. There are 3 super clean diamonds. (They are about 2mm each.) The pin is fully functional and overall the piece is in excellent condition for it’s age. It measures 2.5” in length. Sorry, no returns.
August 3, 2019
For sale is a beautiful aqua sea-foam tourmaline. It is has some green in it, but the prominent color is a nice aqua blue. It measures just over 6x6 mm. It is 1.90 ctw. Sale is final.
Loose Stones
August 6, 2020
I am selling this gorgeous crystal ethiopian opal I bought from Opals by Margie on Etsy. It is completely clean and full of rainbow fire. It is 4.1 ct. It would make the perfect pendant. Margie cuts all her opals. She is amazing! Sorry, no returns. Shipping withing the USA is free. $10 to ship first class internationally.
Colored Gemstone
September 22, 2020
I am selling this super cute Zoe Lev adjustable bracelet. It is a bright green sturdy chord and features solid 14k rose gold with diamond accents. It’s never been worn. It is very easy to adjust to fit almost any sized wrist. It sells for $220, although the green is no longer available on the website. Just a colorful and fun piece without being costume jewelry. Sale is final.
June 27, 2021
I am selling two dreamy lavender moon quartz. For anyone wondering, this is a naturally mined gemstone. Lavender Quartz comes from a single mine and is mined straight from the host rock. Lavender Quartz comes from the Boquira Mine in the municipality of Oliveira dos Brejinhos in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The mine opened in 1956 and is no longer producing. 3.36ct, 11x9mm checkerboard cushion cut 3.94ct, 10x10mm concave cushion cut Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
May 19, 2022
I absolutely love the style of this ring! For sale is a le vian tanzanite, aquamarine and diamond ring.The aquamarine is a pastel blue. Not a pale washed out blue. The tanzanite is a rich periwinkle. The diamonds are white, clean, and sparkly. The stones are set in a blackened rhodium finish. The ring itself is white 14k. It’s a size 6.5 and has never been worn. This ring sells for $2000. I’ve seen it as low as $1200 + tax. I normally like to cherry pick my gems and jewelry, but this one was just sooo pretty. A little sad to sell it, but i am moving soon and could use the funds. Sale is final.
Natural Diamond Center
June 5, 2022
While packing for my move, I found this ring I had totally forgotten about. Navajo Crafted genuine Blue June Turquoise & Sterling Ring, Size 6.5 This piece has a lovely aqua baby blue color, that shades darker towards one end. The simple bezel shows off the stone, with some stampwork on the band. I had bought this hoping it would fit and unfortunately it is a tiny bit too small. The color is beautiful. The Blue June Mine operated in the 70’s and has been closed down for some time. Stamped "E Sterling" on back, by Eli Skeets face measures 1-1/8" length X 5/8" width Sorry, no returns. Shipping is free in USA.
Colored Gemstone
July 22, 2022
For sale a beautiful sleepy lavender moon quartz. It is just under 7.5mm. The one on the left has sold. Sale is final. “Lavender quartz is known as a stone of love and is colored with manganese and titanium making it actually a type of rose quartz. Lavender Quartz comes from a single mine and is mined straight from the host rock. Lavender Quartz comes from the Boquira Mine in the municipality of Oliveira dos Brejinhos in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The mine opened in 1956 and is no longer producing.”
Colored Gemstone
October 5, 2022
Priced well below what i paid. This is a 0.94ct untreated yellow sapphire i purchased from yvonne raley. It measure 5.61 x 3.91mm. It is a super sparkly soft yellow. Reminds me very much of a yellow diamond. Much prettier in person. Sales are final.
Colored Gemstone
December 4, 2022
For sale is a super flashy pipe opal from Far North Gems (Etsy and Instagram Famous). Their opals always sellout very quickly, and i was lucky to get this one. It has no blemishes and has never been set. It is a stunning, with a rainbow flash of colors. Can easily be set in a ring or pendant. It measures roughly 22 x 8mm. I bought this one for $80 more than i am asking.
Colored Gemstone
December 6, 2022
For sale is a super trillion bright green tourmaline. It measures a touch over 6 x 6mm. It’s 100% eye clean. Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
December 7, 2022
I bought this ring at the real real a while back. It is a 12pt diamond and a 15pt emerald. The emerald is a bright medium green and extremely clear. The diamond is very clean. Both are bezel set into buttery 18k yellow gold. 2nd and last pictures are from vendor. The ring is in excellent condition. It’s a size 6.25. Sale is final.
January 18, 2023
For sale is a sparkling lab-created 1 1/8ct princess cut blue diamond necklace from lightbox. It is between an aqua and powder blue and hangs from a sterling silver chain. The necklace is adjustable from 16”-18”. Lightbox currently has the same cut/color/size diamond set in a 14k gold chain for $1300. Sale is final.
Necklaces & Pendants
January 18, 2023
I’ve been holding onto this one for a while. Since i don’t see myself setting it in the near future, i am finding it a new home. It weighs 3.015 and measures 7.4 x 8.4. It is the perfect out-of-this-world precision cut neon paraiba blue. I ordered this one directly through gene after a similar one sold out. It has never been set. I am a private seller. No returns please.
January 20, 2023
This is a gorgeous gemstone, but i am raising funds for a large project. I purchased it from an etsy/LT seller who has an excellent reputation. The pics are hers, and they are spot on. Here is her description And specs: “…saturated denim blue, navy blue color, but not dark, without the common dull and greyish look you would find on most blue spinels. You could spot lighter neon blue reflections from time to time and the color is saturated. It does not go blackish and remains the medium dark tone indoor as well. To me this is almost the best you can get that is without a cobalt tag.” No returns. Weight: 1.44ct Dimension: 7.5x5.85x4.5mm Treatment: None. Clarity: VS1
Colored Gemstone
January 23, 2023
I recently bought this ring, but unfortunately it’s too big. The opal was cut and the ring is handmade by sandmar designs on etsy. It’s a natural opal set in solid sterling silver. It’s a size 9. The opal is stunning and looks like a little 3D galaxy. Here is the description from the vendor: The rough stone came from a Lightning Ridge mine, in New South Wales, Australia. It has a beautiful light blue crystal background with some woodiness and incredible bright blue sparkles. The stone itself is 25mm x 16mm, or approximately 1 inch x .7 inches. No returns.
Colored Stone Center
January 23, 2023
I am reluctant to sell this one, but i am raising funds for another project. I purchased this ring from the real real. The Length 7.79 x 8.02 mm Square Modified Brilliant Tanzanite is set in 14k white gold with .86 ct of extremely clean sparkly diamonds. The ring weighs over 5 grams and is a size 6.75. It can be sized by your local jeweler. The tanzanite is the quintessential bright blue with hints of purple. It’s dark, but never loses it’s amazing color in any light. It’s in like new condition. It comes to life in person. Sorry, no returns.
Colored Stone Center
January 25, 2023
This is an almost neon yellow tourmaline. It has a hint of lime green. It measures 7mm. No window, nice cut. Shipping is free within the usa. No returns.
January 26, 2023
Get 15% off any listing through 3/10. Plus shipping is free if you are in the USA! I will ship to other countries, but shipping charges apply.
Loose Stones
March 5, 2023

Completed Listings

I am not sure i want to sell this one, so it very well might come down. For sale is a vintage ceylon sapphire and diamond ring. Here are the specs i was given: 7mm Ceylon sapphire- untreated. Cornflower blue. Looks lavender in some lighting. 2.25 ctw. Diamonds- G/H in color, VS1 in clarity Setting is solid 14k white gold. This is a vintage ring from the 1940’s. It is in excellent condition for it’s age. It is a size 6 and can be sized by your local jeweler. It is such a pretty ring, hence my hesitation, but i am hoping to complete a project, and i need to downsize. Sorry, no returns.
Colored Stone Center
August 24, 2019
I had been looking for a pink and blue ring for a while without luck, so i had one made. All stones are from Yvonne. The pink tourmaline is a sparkly light pink. It has lots of flash. It measures 7mm. There are 10 neon turquoise 1.3mm paraiba tourmaline surrounding it. Together the stones were nearly $700. This is her round sunflower setting and it is done in solid white 14k. Together the ring was over $1200. So you are getting the setting for free! The ring is a size 8 and is easily sizable by your local jeweler. In like new condition. Sorry, no returns.
Colored Stone Center
September 21, 2019
LT messaging is wonky. If you do not hear back from me please email dchicago8 at gmail. I have had these for over 10 years and have never worn them. I love them, but i just don’t ever wear dangles. The paraibas are a lovely neon turquoise! The diamonds are clean and sparkly. Earrings are made of solid white 14k. I do not have paperwork not carat weight, but i can tell you the paraibas measure 3mm each. They earrings measure roughly 11/16”. These are gorgeous and quite a find! Sorry, no returns.
October 26, 2019
A beautiful sapphire, diamond and aquamarine heart pendant sits on a sturdy 16” wheat chain which closes with a lobster claw clasp. Both are done in solid white gold. The necklace weighs 9 grams! There is 1.40 ctw of eye clean aquamarines. They are a beautiful medium ocean blue. The bale is encrusted in full cut sparkly diamonds. There are 1.68 ctw of eye clean royal blue sparkly sapphires. The pendant measures .67” x .91”. This is a high end necklace that will sparkle from across the room. It is in very good condition with very minor scratches on the polished back of the heart. Sale is final.
Necklaces & Pendants
June 28, 2020
For sale this absolutely stunning ruby and diamond ring. I am selling because i have a project i am trying to complete. I bout it a few years ago from CA Girl Jewelry on etsy. This shop features very high end jewelry and they use top notch gemstones and diamonds. This ring features a 6mm ruby. It is a deep red that flashes off neon red sparkles. I wouldn’t say it is eye clean, but there is no major inclusions. Maybe it is a tad sleepy? The diamonds are roughly G/VS2. They provide a lovely touch from every angle! The ring is a size 8.25. I wear a size 8 on my middle finger and it fits perfectly! It is in excellent condition. I am selling it for far less than i paid. LT messaging can be wonky. It you don’t hear back within a couple hours, email me directly. Dchicago8 at gmail
Colored Stone Center
August 3, 2020
For sale is a breathtaking 3.25 carat seafoam tourmaline. The color is seafoam blue green- leaning towards blue in color. The gem is completely eye clean and the cut is excellent! It is a chunky cushion cut that measures roughly 8x8. Would be perfect in a ring. I am selling it because i had purchased it for a project and i have found a slightly smaller stone that will work better. This tourmaline sparkles in every light. It absolutely deserves to be worn and enjoyed. LT messaging is wonky. If you don’t hear back within a few hours email me directly at dchicago8 at gmail *the other tourmaline in the second picture has already sold. Sorry, no returns.
Colored Gemstone
September 3, 2020
Final markdown! I bought this solid 14k semi-mount ages ago for a tourmaline i ended up setting elsewhere. I have held onto it for a while, but I am saving for a new project, so it is time for it to get a new home! The semi-mount is set with .90 carat of bright, sparkly diamonds! I do not have the exact grading- but I would say they are at least G-H in color and SI or better in clarity. Please note- any dark spots on the diamonds in the pics are due to bad lighting. The ring fits like a size 7.5-8. It has never been worn or had a stone set into it. It will hold a roughly 7mm gemstone or diamond. It weighs 5.1 grams. I originally bought it from a trusted seller on Diamond Bistro. Sorry, no returns.
September 9, 2020
This is a super bright and 3 carat saturated mint tourmaline. Eye clean. It has a hint of blue in it. The tourmaline measures roughly 8 x 7.5 x 7 mm No window. Never set. Sorry, no returns. Shipping is free within the USA.
Colored Gemstone
September 10, 2020
Last time listing :-) Last time listing :-) This is a custom made julia b wisteria ring done in solid 14k rose gold. It features an octagon seafoam tourmaline. The tourmaline is 1.35 ctw. It is extremely clean and sparkly. I purchased the tourmaline from aaron jones gems on etsy. There is fine milgrain detailing around the tourmaline. On either side is a tiny flower made up of genuine blue diamonds. The ring is a size 6.5. It is absolutely stunning, but i just haven’t worn it or reached for it. This is a steal as i paid twice as much as i am charging. LT messaging is wonky. If you do not get a reply, email me at dchicago8 at gmail Shipping within the usa is free. Sale is final.
Colored Stone Center
September 22, 2020
I have decided to sell this natural Colombian emerald. It comes from Chivor. It is 1.78 ctw, and measures 10x6x5mm It is a lovely neonish green color with a hint of blue. It has mild oil treatment. It is extremely clean for an emerald. This is a beautiful gem and would look great set in a pendant or ring! Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
November 19, 2020
I am letting this little stunner go for a steal! This is a 4.7mm Colombian emerald. It is a bright green and it is eye clean. So very pretty! Sale is final
Colored Gemstone
November 20, 2020
For sale is a lot of natural 5mm round grey spinel. The 3 shades of grey vary slightly. One is almost black (but not at all opaque), one is a charcoal grey and one is a lighter shade of gray with a hint of blue. All three are totally eye clean and Have lots of sparkles. The cut is excellent. I had been on a search for sometime for a 5mm grey spinel for a project. I wanted a true grey- so many have hints of blue or purple or pink. I purchased a quad of 4 different shades, so i am selling the 3 i do not need. All are completely eye clean and each is unique in its own way. I prefer selling as a lot, but i will sell as individuals. Separately, they are $100 each. Shipping within the USA is included. No returns. Pictures are taken in natural light on with an overcast sky.
Colored Gemstone
November 23, 2020
For sale is this stunning 0.89ct vivid pinkish red ruby. I purchased it from multicolour recently. I decided against the using it, and i already have a few too many “backburner” stones. The color almost neon pink. It is a little sleepy, so it does have a wonderful glow. It measures 4.2 x 6.1 x 3.4mm. The third picture is the report i downloaded from multicolour. According the report, it has not had any treatments. Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
September 14, 2021
I bought these a from Yvonne a while ago. I think i got them about 5 minutes after the listing went up. The project I was going to use them for is not happening. They would make beautiful side stones or stud earrings. Here is the info from the listing. These pear shaped tourmalines are from Paraiba, Brazil and copper bearing. Part of a lucky buy, very very neon. Inclusion visible under magnification in one of them but not visible with the naked eye. Very rare old color. Specs:. Shape: Pear Shaped Size:4.03 x 2.27 x 1.70mm and 3.97 x 2.18 x 1.49mm Weight: .16 cts Origin: Paraiba mines, Brazil Treatment: heat (most likely - with paraiba heat treatment is not detectable in the lab) Color: Neon blue I am selling them for almost $100 (before tax) less than I paid. Sale is final. Pictures are vendor shots.
Colored Gemstone
September 16, 2021
I am selling a lovely pair of 3.5mm round rose cut diamonds. They are at least SI1, GH. Each diamond weighs 0.10 ct. These are natural, untreated diamonds. Sale is final. Shipping is included in the price.
September 19, 2021
For sale is a 0.44ct hot pink precision cut sapphire from Grangem. It has never been set. Selling to fund another project. See the etsy description below: “This hot pink sapphire is precision cut into a cut corner triangular design that weighs 0.44 Carats and measures 4.5mm. The color on this is board line between vivid pink and red but i choose to call it a pink sapphire rather than ruby just to be cautious. This sapphire has microscopic inclusions that give it a silky appearance and a nice glow to it! Being from Burma and untreated with a precision cut really adds to the rarity of this beautiful gem!“ Picture is a vendor shot. Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
January 28, 2022
The purge continues… I am selling this beautiful 1.08ct Tanzanian cornflower blue sapphire from Multicolour. It is 7 x 4.8mm. Please see pictures for paperwork from multicolour. First and second pics are from the vendor. Sale is final.
Colored Gemstone
February 2, 2022
This listing is for four perfectly matched seafoam-teal tourmaline from yvonne raley. They each measure 3.4-3.5mm and weigh 0.16ctw. I was going to use these in one of her designs, but i never got around to doing it. These are a really bright! They would look super in a ring, or as small studs. Sale is final.
Loose Stones
July 30, 2022
I am selling this sri lankan powder blue sapphire and this blue green tourmaline for 150 for both. They would make a lovely pair of stack rings or toi et moi. The tourmaline was purchased years ago from Yvonne Raley. The sapphire has no grey in it at all. No returns please.
Colored Gemstone
December 16, 2022