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Hello. I am looking to buy my wife a pair of stud RB diamond earrings. White metal, and preferably from BGD or WF (or another PS-trusted vendor). However, if a trusted, longtime PS'er has a pair of OEC or similar round studs, that would also be an option, if that could get me a larger diameter in the stones. I would probably prefer bezels, but am open to prongs. Ideal cut would be great, if the stones are MRB's, but OEC's with a great cut could also be an option. I would like to get the most diameter, and ctw, for my money. Thus, I'd be fine with an eye-clean SI, and they need not be of incredibly high color (higher than J would be preferable though). My budget is between $500-$1,000. But I could push it a tiny bit higher if it could buy me noticeably larger stones. I am cherokee1979 on PS and would love to hear from you. Thanks!
December 26, 2013