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Selling for less than half what I paid. A manual wind, dainty and super flat watch. In great worn condition. This isn't the deal of the century but is an authentic, routinely maintained piece with everything it came with, plus extra travel cases, cleaning kit, and even the hardback catalogue. Solid gold watch, I am the original first owner, bought in the Breguet store in Geneva. All receipts and all boxes are included. I don't think I ever registered it ( you can put your name down on some list, so that you are recorded as a Breguet owner). It has had routine official overhauls in the Swiss factory via the Geneva store (receipts and paperwork can be provided), and can be sent off to be serviced before being sent out. And could then potentially be sent directly from the Breguet facility to the new owner, if that seems more secure. (Need to look into it.) Payment would probably have to be PP with protection, as it's a big purchase (for me anyways) but open to other options. Email is lizlovesherbling at gmail Reference Number: 8560BA/11/AA0 Caliber: No Clasp Type: Deployment Crown: Pull Out Watch Functions: Hours, Minutes Movement: Manual Wind Power Reserve Unit: Days Case Back: Solid Power Reserve: 40
February 2, 2019
I bought this knowing it was too small, but hoping to wear it with my engagement ring. And it looks great, until I try to shove them both on my finger. All diamonds are white (sold to me as h) and in great condition, none of them have migrated,none are set any higher or lower than any other. All are perfectly calibrated. Channels are pristine, no warping. The channel style is ever so slightly, imperceptibly, rounded but not domed. Sides are straight, perfect for stacking. It is very well made. It's channel set but has ajours between each diamond so the area between the diamonds is solid; the ring has platinum between each diamond instead of just air gaps. Which to me looks much better. It is a truly timeless ring. It's not bulky so isn't super modern, nor is it whisper thin. I guess this ring is a channel set with proportions for those who think channel set is either too bulk or too fragile. It's made by armandani and has all the stamps etc. Full disclosure, I'm selling it for what I paid preloved because I got it for a good price, and if it doesn't sell, I will wear it on cold days (i.e. skinny finger days!). Worn alone, due to the internal structure of the ring, it fits my 7 ring finger snugly, unflatteringly, but comfortably. Price is usd to a us pp account. Or to a UK or Swiss PP account; I have several) Shipping is not included in asking price. Please email lizlovesherbling@
February 21, 2020
You can email me at
May 22, 2020

Completed Listings

I bought these 3mm a while back but haven't used them. T 5 stones were a parcel from a pin. 1 stone came from a pawn shop and is 0.092 carats but is the same face up as the others. Below is the description of the original 5 stones. I have cruddy pics of the 6 stones together and can email them. Round old cuts,varying color grading and clarity. They are crisp and clear, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. 4 have a bit (camera is picking up far more yellow than I see in real life) of warmth, best seen side on. One is an early transitional with a small culet, lower table and is whiter than the others. It also unfortunately has a girdle chip. Probably best set in a protected setting,like bright cut or mini bezel. so no extreme cut down prongs. Two have inclusions seen with a loupe WHEN VIEWED AT 30x22 magnification. To avoid overselling these, please assume they are si2 and J or lower. These all came out of an antique pin. They are 2.9-3.1 mm,so face up at 0.10 each. Face up they are all a very very good match, and only the transitional is noticeably less deep than the others. The turquoise flashes are from my camera body reflecting off the facets. Price includes basic insurance (I think it covers around 70USD and shipping worldwide. Email is lizlovesherbling at gmail dot com
Loose Stones
March 14, 2017
Sorry for the yellow tinted photo, it's the best I can do. Lt wouldn't let me upload any other ones. 1.5mm 950 Palladium stamped spacer. Round, cylindrical shape. Size 6 rounded shank ($55) 3mm 950 platinum, flat bottom, curve top, straight edged sides, 1.5mm rise. Hallmarked uk b bros, has a few scratches but is still shiny- doesn't have the matt patina that plat eventually develops. Size 6.5 ($130) Prices are pp f&f, and include simple postage: tiny bubble pack envelope. I can be contacted at lizlovesherbling at gmail dot com
February 25, 2018
Selling one memoire band that is their thin petite prong 21 stone band. It is in good used condition, and is unplated. Only the Diamond band is for sale, it's just the only photos I have of the band on my phone! Pp via f&f would be great, and I can send this for free unregistered and uninsured for free, or postage is extra (from Switzerland, or if you wait til end of March, from New York) Please email lizlovesherbling at Gmail com
February 2, 2019
Knox lotus setting with a precision cut quantz periwinkle sapphire that is SO SO stupidly bright and glowy. There is just enough silk to make the stone glow in all lights but still looks crystal clear, if that makes any sense. Selling it for what it cost me to put together, but it's still a great deal because the setting was an awesome eBay find, retailing for 2.5k, and the stone was an LT purchase. I'm very on the fence about this one. And if I manage to sell some other pieces, I'm pulling it because I'll never find another sapphire like it. 14k white gold Size 5.75 Please email lizlovesherbling at Gmail
Colored Stone Center
February 4, 2019
Selling a Jerry Newman spinel oval it is roughly 12x8 and has a fantastic cut and polish. It's bright, shifts from coppery to pad colored, and was originally 700+. The setting has 20 2mm diamonds. They are very white and all are clear. Setting is in 14k gold. The diamonds are staggered on two levels to create a petal effect. I remember one diamond had a small chip under 30x magnification but cannot find it anymore. The shank has been resized badly at some point and needs repair. The whole setting is a bit underwhelming in terms of build quality. It tends to tarnish to a dark coppery color. It's a large size 9 and I would recommend repurposing the melee and scrapping the ring. If it doesn't sell put together I'm ok to sell them separately. Please email lizlovesherbling@ Gmail com
Colored Stone Center
February 6, 2019