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Lab-Created: Jewelry For Sale

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Selling both of these OEC (Old European cut) lab-created CZs. 8mm Pink 7mm Lavender Fun colors, very sparkly and well cut cubic zirconia imo. $15 for both as a set, free shipping within US. Paypal Friends and Family accepted or add 3% to transaction. Email with any questions! See my other listings for more loose stones at great prices.
September 25, 2019
Custom, precision cut lab royal blue sapphire in oval by Jeff White. Jeff meticulously designed the cut to remove any bow tie effect, which is a common issue in ovals. The sapphire displays a vibrant velvety blue color in natural conditions and darker navy blue in most indoor conditions with bright blue flashes. It’s beautiful, just not the lighter blue color I’m looking for at the moment. Dimensions: 10.07 x 7.58 mm, weight: 3.90 ct. Brand new. Never set. I paid $550 + $15 shipping. Asking for $390, with USPS Priority shipping included. Jeff's Video: Email: SparklePoloGems at gmail dot com. No returns as I’m a private seller. Feel free to ask any questions!
May 25, 2019
8x6mm synthetic spinel cut by Scott Laborie. $75 You can reach me @ tomanderson_nc(at)
May 13, 2019
Selling a 1.03c emerald cut lab created loose diamond. Was purchased for over $3k a few months back.
April 30, 2019
This is a brand new moissanite stone that I received along with a round one. they both look amazing but my gf liked the round style more for the custom ring I had made for her. This was from a company called starsgem which has been producing really good moissanite stones that people say are better than the India ones. I think it looks nice and it has a great sparkle to it. it is 7mm x 9.5mm
April 23, 2019
9x7 loose c&c forever one emerald cut moissanite loose stone. G-H-I color. This was set for about 3 months,removed by David Klass, and is like new. Warranty card included. PayPal accepted, insured shipping within the US approximately $12. Final sale as I am a private seller. for more pictures, videos and or questions. Thanks for looking :)
March 4, 2019
Loose lab-created diamond. OPEN TO ALL SERIOUS OFFERS! Shape: Round Brilliant Carat: 1.02 Cut: Excellent Clarity: SI1 Color: G Happy to provide pictures and IGI certificate!
February 6, 2019
7.5 mm = 1.5 carat Colorless Round brilliant moissanite Super sparkly and beautiful Brand new & never been set Asking $180 or best offer I am a private seller. Final sales. No returns.
December 1, 2018
1.85 ct G IF Ideal cut Amora Soaring Hearts Eternity for sale. I have all original paperwork, receipt, and certification. Was intended for an engagement ring, but my loss is your gain! Thanks for looking!
November 17, 2018
Ramaura ruby crystal cluster. 17 x 16 x 10mm; 17.95cts. Visually stunning cluster! Classic Ramaura synthetic. No longer in production so this is a collector’s piece. Asking $40/ct $718 for the piece. PayPal $7 shipping in the USA $13 shipping international
October 16, 2018
A super sparkly 8.30mm light sky blue moissanite, vvs clarity, no inclusions. Very stunning and a unique color! Selling to save for another ring project :) I will send priority mail included in the price above. Thank you for looking!
August 2, 2018
This gorgeous gem as been sitting for about a month and is looking for a new home. Asking $115 or better offer To purchase or to make an offer on this stone e-mail me at
February 6, 2018
Same as harro gem. Here are a few pics! (drooool). I took a few quick video shots of it this morning that I can also share (see below). Harro gem (cheapest option out there) is selling this sized stone for 3065$ (without taxes and shipping). Totals approx. 3600, I am looking for 2800. The stone has never been set and has always been in it’s protective box.
September 6, 2017
Prices to sell: GORGEOUS stone, amazing custom cut and shape. Warmer color, approx L/VVS; much brighter and livelier irl...our recent heat wave has me photographing in non-optimal lighting conditions lol I purchasing these stones to mount in my sample line and this was an extra. Would make a stupendous ring, amazing right hand or travel ring...I've been creating a lot of "travel jewelry" lately...very smart :) Anyhow...this beauty measures 10.3x9.25mm and would fool any expert, double refraction is almost never noticeable, likely due from the improved material and great cuts on these stones I do have a video if your interested Shipping is $25 expedited FedEx 2-day insured; shipping charges are subject to change if set Contact me for setting specials too
August 28, 2017
I picked up a pair of these for travel earrings...but sold one for a pendant so now I'm looking to sell this one as well 1.05ct J/IF 6.37 x 6.44 x 4.28mm If you're not familiar, August Vintage recently released a limited number of AVR cut Amora Gems...they're stunning in every way, superbly cut and super fiery...they lack nothing when compared to their genuine diamond counterparts This AVR Amora comes with its NAGL report. This is a beautiful stone, and are now completely sold out for now, but soon will have another release Inquire for setting options FedEx or UPS Priority shipping is $20 Please contact me directly at Please do not send money via PayPal; I will invoice you directly for payment
August 13, 2017
Gorgeous brand new stone acquired a couple of weeks ago for 1495$. Desperately need the funds as hubs lost his employment. Thanks! See link below for details and photos! Selling on the bistro. 8.5 x8.5 mm on a sz 4 finger for reference.
August 4, 2017
It was sold to me as natural peridot but has been confirmed synthetic, believ3d spinel. It is eye clean and a nice apple green with some bubble inclusions. It is cut with a "snowflake" in the pavilion I was unable to photograph well with light. It is visible in the hand and brilliant around it at the same time. It weighs 2.5ct and measures 9.36mm round. Very bright pretty stone. Site messaging appears to be down contact me at
May 19, 2017
This is an 11.78ct shield cut synthetic amethyst. It is higher quality and has no inclusions of any kind. It runs on the dark side with royal purple flashes in strong lighting. It is 12.97mm wide and 15.12mm top to point. Nice thick girdle for any wire wrappers interested Site messaging appears to be down contact me at
May 19, 2017
I have several unknown synthetics. The large dark blue is possibly synthetic corrundum, it is 6.95ct and 13.13x9.53mm. The small blue synthetic has an electric color and some flash. It weighs .78ct and is 6.92x4.64mm. The green stone has nice color and great flash at the right angle. It is possibly a YAG. It is 1.61ct and 9.73mmx6.58mm at the widest point. Selling them as a whole lot. Or $10 each. Site messaging appears to be down contact me at
May 18, 2017
Ok ladies down to 950$ brand new thats a STEAL! Not gonna go down further. I have gotten a LOT of traffic and messages but price seems to be scaring some of you off. so here it is!! there are on 2 vendors with branded moissanites one retails this stone for 1514$ and the other from which this stone comes from for 1350$. this stone is less than 2 weeks old! pick it up now and for the rest of the month, motivated seller!!! Serious offers welcome! Have a bunch of amazing photos photos and vids I cant post so please reach out if interested! Brand spanking new branded antique cushion cut moissanite. This ridiculously gorgeous stone will NOT fit my current enagegement ring and changing it is not an option. (seriously im crying) So i have to go through the process to get another one that will fit. This stone is a GHI color grade and measures 8.3 x 8.8mm making it an almost 3 carat. it has never been set and it is literally a week old. I had to wait over 6 weeks to get this stone which retails for 1350$ and you can snap it up without any time delay for 950$ plus shipping and insurance if you like. Please reach out for video! Thanks!!
May 2, 2017