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Current Listings

Time to start cleaning out the jewelry box - have some vintage pieces that I don't wear, and should find a good home. I will most likely consign with Grace, but wanted to give it a short run here to see if there was any interest first. 1. Tiffany & Co 14K feather pin with small diamond. In pristine shape -- per my former mother-in-law, it was purchased by her mother from tiffany's many, many years ago (1960s?) and then given to her. Happy to drop by my local Tiffany's in Boston to have it authenticated, but it has been in the family since it was purchased. I will grab it out of the safe deposit box next week and can post an exact gram weight and measurements (I took these photos a little while, but did not post it for sale at that time). It is ~ 1.5 inches in length, 3/4 inch in width. 2. Art Deco semi-mount in platinum, size 5 (tight), 5.5 g, with 8 french cut sapphires and a handful of old single cut diamonds. It holds an 8mm round center stone. It was my engagement ring from a former relationship, and I had the stone remounted into a pendant last year. I finally decided to let the setting go as I feel I would not wear it again. Caysie of CVB ID unset the old center stone and preserved the prongs and said she felt it was in overall excellent condition. It was all original and was first purchased ~ 15 years ago in Georgia from a small antique jeweler (Lucy of Cameo Estate Jewelry, who has since passed on). Contact me for more photos - I have tons, and I am very happy to take more if you desire other angles, or tell you more about the pieces. Price will include insured shipping. As I am a private seller and these come from my personal collection, I cannot accept returns. ***update - LT email is not working, I can be reached at: akmongi at yahoo dot com --thanks
May 16, 2015
New Year and time to let go of a few pieces - All of these have been consigned with Grace and links below to the listing on her website. I'd be open to offers on any of the pieces - please contact Grace with any questions. All pictures from her website. 1. A really sweet diamond & platinum art deco RHR 2. The former setting for my ering (now a pendant) but a beautiful platinum, diamond, and sapphire art deco setting, it formerly held a 8mm stone and Grace could tell you the range of what size center stone could fit in the setting 3. A yellow gold/small diamond feather brooch given to me by my former mother-in-law. She had told me it was purchased at Tiffany's in the 1950s or so, but David Atlas was unable to verify the hallmark. Still quite lovely.
Natural Diamond Center
January 14, 2018
Hi All! These items have been sitting consigned with Grace for far too long. They need happy new loving homes :-) I will consider pretty much any offer - so please reach out to Grace directly if you are interested (I won't be offended!). If there are any questions I can answer - just email me via the link above. (1) Platinum Diamond & sapphire art deco setting. Previously held an ~ 8mm stone. (2) platinum art deco illusion ring, 0.58 ct (3) 14k Yellow gold brooch - given to me by my former mother-in-law, Hallmarked Tiffany, and she had told me it was purchased at Tiffany's in the 1950s or so, but David Atlas was unable to verify the hallmark. Still quite lovely. I can understandably discount deeply since they can't validate the Hallmark. Cheers! I'm Sunnyside74 on PS as well
November 21, 2018
Hi! Please use 18bowtiewiner at gmail dot com to reach out. :)
May 31, 2021

Completed Listings

For sale is a pair of CVB Inspired Design Old Mine Cut diamond earrings. These are the custom crafted eight claw prong "Abby" style post earrings – and were the first pair she made. 18K unplated WG with large 14K WG backs, screw type post. The stones are a pair of chunky bright OMCs that came from a period Moi et Toi ring (they were separated from the ring when I got them, but the last picture of them is when they were still set - the prior owner bought the ring from JBG). They are discoballs and very bright on the ears. Eye clean. GIA Report Number 5172329355 Measurements 6.38 x 6.14 x 4.16 mm Carat Weight 1.19 carat L VS2 GIA Report Number 2173329354 Measurements 6.32 x 6.18 x 4.04 mm Carat Weight 1.13 carat I SI1 There is a gap in color here – it is not visible on the ears, and only faintly visible when the stones are set side by side on a white background. Both stones have some blue flourescence, but are not milky or cloudy. I’d be happy to answer any questions or make a short video for you. I am planning to consign them next week to OWD when I’m in NYC, but thought I would post them here first to see if any PS’ers would like a discount. I accept PayPal. I am sunnyside74 on Pricescope. I’ll include insured shipping. I’ll consider reasonable offers. Please reach out at if you don’t get a response on the loupetroop link above.
March 17, 2018