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Current Listings

Listing multiple loose gemstones: SOLD: Custom cut amethyst (Gene from precision gems). Round cut between 6mm - 6.5mm. There is some magenta/red tones as the stone shifts. It photographs with more blue tone than real life. Asking Price: $80 Lab Sapphire: Color changing Custom cut Void Reaver by Stag and Finch- 5mm. Gray with pink/purple tones in daylight and pink in Incandescent light. Asking Price: $100 Silver Spinel: Purchased from LoupeTroop- 5mm. 0.56ct lavender tone. Asking: $300 First picture is true to hues and tones visible in daylight. Last picture is in incandescent light. I am happy to take additional pictures if requested.
Colored Gemstone
April 11, 2020
purchased off eBay as a natural ruby (0.5ct) sz 6.25 in 14kt gold. Ruby color is closer to first picture. Price: $200 Sz 4.75 14kt white gold band with milgrain and engraving. Price: $250 SOLD Ebay purchase: 14kt yellow gold round diamond engagement ring 0.43 sz 6. Price: $200
June 22, 2021
A variety of rings and loose stones are listed on pricescope.
June 25, 2021

Completed Listings

Native cut gemstones. Photographed with minimal light: 5.9x5 mm red spinel. I'll have regrets if I sell it for less than I paid. Price: $500 4.8mm 0.63ct sapphire sold as cornflower but IMO a touch too dark. Price: $100
Colored Gemstone
June 22, 2021